Alot of this sums up Apple in many ways but more so why people are so painfully wrong about the iPhone 4s and how much of a success it truly is but more so how we are seeing what was talked about in 1997 now and beyond what we are seeing right now is ONLY THE BEGINNING as most of these things will actually evolve over time as we have seen with the OS. A lot of the obvious things took time to implement simply because Apple loves to make things artistic and simple which can be pretty difficult at times but its better than slapping features on and hoping for the best! At the same time things like Siri are bound to evolve noticeable more than the OS and be embedded into other products and gain partnerships with other companies, currently it only has two.

This part touches on the iPhone and iCloud, presenting some of the early reviews of iPhone 4s and some minor thoughts about it.

iPhone 4s

Now there are a lot of people that are pretty damn crazy regarding the iPhone 4s, having written it off.

CNN - 5 reasons people are calling the iPhone 4s a dud

LA Times - Apple iPhone 4S: Siri and better specs, yet a disappointment?

The reason this is so damn crazy is because the iPhone 4s is definetly one of Apple's best but at the same time the hype built around a redesigned model was crazy. The hype and disappointment seems to go as far as to say that even the Windows Phone, which isn't all that bad, would out beat the iPhone by 2015.

"Apple's iPhone 4S, which was launched last week to mostly negative reviews, is an opening for Windows Phone 7.5, Lees says, pointing to data from IDC and Gartner suggesting that Microsoft's mobile OS will surpass the iPhone by 2015."

"Windows Phone has its work cut out for it, regardless: Apple's lackluster iPhone 4S garnered more than 1 million preorders in its first 24 hours of availability, though much of that is likely tied to the delayed launch." - Paul Thurrott

WO. No. It won't happen for the simple reason that if anyone has used a Windows Phone, the objective is to spend the least time on ones phone with that being said in order to sell that kind of idea, you would need to have the least amount of apps and definitely remove things like Twitter or Facebook, even Google+. Why? These things are time suckers and if anyone disagrees then clearly you've managed to escape the lure of social networks. Now the obvious question is, where did I get this idea that Windows Phones are the sort that seek to be different by making the user spend less time? Simple, the below advert!

The actual premise behind the windows phone is something they call "The hub" which is the starting screen of the phone which allows you to look at everything at a glance. This is great and all but it doesn't spoke people getting sucked into things that actually, well, suck you in. The present ads focus on multi tasking and presenting this idea that iPhone and Android both push users to use a single app at a time rather then truly multi task.

Now the idea of the iPhone 4s being a failure simply because it was a quicker phone with a better camera and well...voice control advanced. Wait! Hang on a second, I heard that before...ah yes, the iPhone 3GS. I'm sure no one remembers that the iPhone 3GS got an upgraded processor, an upgrade on the camera and of course it came with voice control, which no one probably knows because I doubt anyone has used it. The 3GS voice control can be activated the same way as Siri, what's this mean though? That essentially Apple has established how their products are shifting and it seems to have worked pretty ok for them. Steve Jobs pointed out once that if they were doing something wrong the market would vote with their wallets and thats how they liked to play things. Now naturally people latched onto the idea of 'iPhone 5', which was rather a foolish move on their part because Apple would hardly go so far as to do a redesign when it took them so long just to get the white iPhone out. The only redesign I figured possible was the move of the flash towards the other side of the phone but they seemed to have just adjusted this and tweaked the antenna system which I'm sure now covers a greater amount of the phone.

'However, when iPhone 4S was launched, Apple fans were disappointed somehow, for they were expecting the redesigned iPhone 5 as rumors suggested. Naturally, many analysts had predicted a subdued response to iPhone 4S.

But no one foresaw that the tech genius Jobs would suddenly pass away, only one day after iPhone 4S was released. Jobs' demise stirred sadness and grief around the world and it's believed that Jobs' untimely death has rocketed demand for iPhone 4S from consumers.

The initial disappointment was replaced by fans' strong desire to remember Jobs, according to Barbara Sullivan, Managing Partner of Sullivan, a branding and marketing agency.

"The preorders may also be part of respect for what Jobs has done," she said. "It's almost like putting flowers by his headquarters" ' - IB Times

Probably the dumbest statement of all is the fact that SJ's death was the reasoning behind the one million plus sales. This is just plain ridiculous because now people are correlating what was simply pre-mature outcry over a phone with a non-visual upgrade being a failure. More so its putting two coincidences at once, had jobs died say on Saturday, could they then do the same? Probably not. I guess fact of the matter is that he didn't die on Saturday so one will never know but its natural for reporters to grasp at straws and point out that someone is willing to spend more then $400 on a tribute to Steve instead of just simply putting a wallpaper of him on their Mac or putting some flowers down outside the Apple store and so on. There are multiple ways in which it could be done for cheaper and I'm sure people would.

The alternative explanation was because it was a late update. This idea is more than likely a possibility but I don't think the time frame of the update makes much of a difference. If people are disappointed with the iPhone 4s and think its just an iPhone 4 they would buy the now cheaper iPhone 4 or switch to Android which is a specs based game. The other point to make is that this update is purely about the internals and most of these features can apply strongly to traveling business customers or heavy iPhone users. The ones that use their iPhone 4 moderately won't see a need to upgrade unless they want Siri or they want 64GB for music and other media bits and pieces.

The iPhone 4s is naturally carrying on the the legacy that started with the iPhone 4, its a cheaper method for them to produce these phones now in numbers by adjusting the internals rather than the externals. This is the obvious step any company would make but at the same time the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 both reign as the thinnest smartphone in the world to date so why change that when its not needed.

"We noted that the iPhone 4 had a uniform depth of 9.3 mm. We noted that the complainant objected that this was misleading because he believed the Samsung Galaxy S II was thinner. Whilst we noted that the Samsung product had thinner points, we considered that Apple's methodology for making the thinnest claim was reasonable. We considered that consumers would be less interested in whether certain points of a product were thin, if bulges in the product made its overall thickness greater. Because the iPhone4's thickest point was thinner than the thickest point of the Samsung Galaxy S II we concluded that the claim "the world's thinnest smartphone" was not misleading." - ASA UK

The Apple philosiphy is simple, change only whats needed and give the customer what is actually required. In 2009 FaceTime wasn't required but in 2010 when the iPhone 4 came out, it was something that seemed the right time to introduce. The iPad 1 was actually more of a test run tablet and although it was such a beautiful device to begin with the iPad 2 is everything the iPad 1 should've been. Now the iPhone 4 was only evolutionary and was a step away from the original design of sleek into the industrial look, strong surfaces mixed with curved edges and a straight back with gorilla glass (which never actually turned out to be THAT strong as it was claimed).

Early Reviews of the iPhone 4s

"On paper, [the iPhone 4S] may not stand up to the latest and greatest Android phone with 4G radios, a massive screen, and a screaming 1.5GHz dual-core CPU — but in use, it’s easily one of the most capable handsets on the market."

"The amount of times Siri hasn’t been able to understand and execute my request is astonishingly low. I’ll say something that I’m sure Siri won’t be able to understand, and it gets it."

- TechCrunch

Though this bit of advice I totally agree with

"My advice is that owners of the iPhone 4 needn’t rush to upgrade; they can get the new operating system. But owners of older iPhone models, or those with basic phones, will find this latest iPhone a pleasure and a good value." - AllThingsD

"This phone comes dangerously close to displacing a $200 point-and-shoot digital camera."

"Apple says Siri will improve with time — both because she adapts to you, and because Apple itself will periodically upgrade her brain."

"You can say, “Wake me up at 7:35,” or “Change my 7:35 alarm to 8.” You can say, “What’s Gary’s work number?” Or, “How do I get to the airport?” Or, “Any good Thai restaurants around here?” Or, “Make a note to rent ‘Ishtar’ this weekend.” Or, “How many days until Valentine’s Day?” Or, “Play some Beatles.” Or, “When was Abraham Lincoln born?”

In each case, Siri thinks for a few seconds, displays a beautifully formatted response and speaks in a calm female voice.

It’s mind-blowing how inexact your utterances can be. Siri understands everything from, “What’s the weather going to be like in Tucson this weekend?” to “Will I need an umbrella tonight?” (She has various amusing responses for “What is the meaning of life?”)

It’s even more amazing how Siri’s responses can actually form a conversation. Once, I tried saying, “Make an appointment with Patrick for Thursday at 3.” Siri responded, “Note that you already have an all-day appointment about ‘Boston Trip’ for this Thursday. Shall I schedule this anyway?” Unbelievable."- NYTimes

"Before, with the standard iPhone calendar, I would often forget to add an event because I was too busy to type it, and as a result I would forget I had something scheduled altogether. With Siri and Apple’s new Reminders to-do list app, it’s unlikely I’ll forget anything important again because the process is so effortless." - Wired

Now the iPhone 4s may not have had all the design changes but thats where the iPhone 5 next year will come in. It will return to the sleek curved back with a slightly thinner body, the battery life for standby should return to its original levels, yeah it dropped this year to more reasonable levels. The other thing will be that the screen may get larger but I highly doubt that as it would push the device to be wider and I don't think Apple would really go for a wider screen but crazier things have happened in the past, like the IBM actually coming out with 3GHz processors that were promised and never materialized until the Intel switch. The other thing which will happen is that the iPod Touch will also get a redesign whilst the iPad will be the same as this year. The design for the iPod Touch is uncertain but its more than likely that when the change happens they will kill the iPod Classic or push the iPod Classic to a 256GB HDD as the iPod Touch will move to 128GB (FINALLY). The iPhone will still remain at 64GB until perhaps another generation or two. Naturally the question will come up...where do I get my sources? A lot of these predictions are conservative and aren't as outlandish as thinking the iPhone 4s was going to be an iPhone 5 but rather through taking into account Apple's philosophy and then their history and where they want to head to. Which is actually what brings me to the other bits of this long blog post!

iCloud + Mac

In 1997 he wasn't CEO yet but he presented a lot of ideas that have come about in what we are using today. The incredible thing is that this is 1997 where I remember that broadband was still something not yet quite explored but rather it was all dial up for me until around 2001-2002 where broadband was there but a bit expensive. Now days broadband is cheap and bandwidth is some what under threat through throttling because network/telecom companies don't want users to get their moneys worth. It in fact costs quite a bit to lay the cables but to provide the actual internet is almost nothing, the simple reason cable laying costs a lot is due to the digging up and all. This however is thankfully pushing cable companies to find a simple solution which looks to be fibre. Where the theoretical speed could be well above the current offer of 40Mb which translates to 4MB. Never get caught up when they offer you something crazy like 50Mb, which sounds massive but it really isn't unless you compare it to ages ago.

In the video Steve discusses his T1 line and networking, this is where iCloud comes in. With all that discussion about cabling and internet speed, think now about the computer, all your data is stored there...god forbid that something should happen and its all gone! Hang on a second, what if you purchased all your music or paid $25 a year to upload your shady music collection. That's one part of the problem taken care of, never having to worry about your music collection! Now what about TV Shows? Well that's unlikely to happen anytime in the next 5 years but if you buy from iTunes its already happening! Now what about documents, well university students have a lot of work and so do high schoolers and post graduates, that work to be lost would be a true shame. What about if we take it further and go into businesses? Lots of individuals who run small businesses need to pay pretty big to keep all their things backed up but some don't even understand the concept of backing things up. iCloud is the answer to all these things and presents the world Steve discusses in the 1997 WWDC Closing Keynote. His actual set up allows him to go from his home computer to his work computer, type in his user name and password and sign in with having everything that was at home on his desktop at work, media, documents and the like now this also works vice versa. iCloud means that this is possible for all individuals TODAY.

"I was an Apple employee for eight and half years and I didn’t see the video until after I’d left the company. For those who worked there and for those who have watched Apple’s success, what resonates from this crackly old video is that it was clear that Steve could see the future. He may have given features, products, and strategies different names at the time, but so much of what Apple has become is described in a video from almost 14 years ago.

Steve didn’t underestimate the future; he could see it, and, more importantly, he built it." - Randsinrepose

Your working on your document in pages and want to continue on your iPad when you go the cafe for a quick coffee but then want to present it to a friend. Your friend makes some changes and suggestions, you do so and make the changes on your iPad, get back home and it's there! The new version is fresh and ready to be used on your Mac. The same with the iPhone or any Apple device really. This is all through your Apple ID and keeping it all stored on your Apple iCloud. Now keep in mind that you only have 5GB I believe before you need to purchase more space, which I definitely will be doing as its worth it in order not to panic last minute. The thing is that for most people 5GB is actually enough considering that once you pay $25 for your music to go into the cloud which is the bulk of what most peoples storage is towards as well as videos which is naturally then worth just purchasing from iTunes. Purchasing from iTunes also means you can save yourself the $25 annually and your 5GB is really then just for documents!

What makes this so great is that this also means switching and upgrading phones is so much faster because everything's in the cloud, your photos is always saved on iCloud and it downloads straight to your iPhoto on your Mac, ready to be edited or even sent to your favorite social network.

The beauty of iCloud is that this will only get even better as apps start implementing it, so Adobe Ideas even or Evernotes and other apps using iCloud would push their functionality on the Mac even more, allowing your iPad to finally become a truly mobile computer. No need to tether or whatever. The natural thing is that before you go into the wilderness for example, don't forget to actually sync all your stuff. Oh wait!

Continued in Part 2