Well here we with Part 2 which contains thoughts about iOS 5 or more so a quick summary and then into the long talk about Siri...


Most of these 200 features aren't actually user accessible so don't look for 200 different things, its rather for developers that you will see in apps. Notification centre, iMessenger, Newstand, Wireless Syncing (which means before you head out you can sync without the cable! Just get on your Mac, choose whatever music and videos you want and boom! Your ready to go. Twitter is now integrated into iOS which pushes social networking even further, makes having a twitter so much more useful. reminders which has geo-location fencing so when you get to a location or leave a location you can receive the notification. Reader is now in iOS 5 as well as tabbed browsing! Volume button (the + one) is now the shutter button, as well as photo editing. New way to text edit and split screen keyboard on your iPad!

The iPad 2 now gains Airplay mirroring, so having an Apple TV means that everyone can see whatever is on your iPad but even cooler is that its cable less and games are taking advantage of this. So games like Real Racing 2 HD are using this to their advantage by offering split screen gameplay pushing the iOS devices towards being closer to a console like device almost. This doesn't work well for games that you need to actually watch what your fingers are doing, like Flight Control. It does work out well for games like Real Racing where the iPad is your steering wheel and you can use the iPad screen for stats whilst the main screen for the actual game.


WIRED - Siri is iPhone 4s only today but where will it be tomorrow

"Based on the dates mentioned in the Knowledge Navigator, it takes place on September 16th, 2011. The date on the professor's calendar is September 16th, and he's looking for a 2006 paper written "about five years ago", setting the year as 2011.

And this morning, at the iPhone keynote, Apple announced Siri, a natural language-based voice assistant, would be built into iOS5 and a core part of the new iPhone 4S

So 24 years ago, apple predicted a complex natural-lagnauge voice assistant built into a touchscreen Apple Device, and was less than a month off" - Waxy.org

Yes I've used this video before numerous times but it's simply stunning that this video actually provides a basis for what will be the future. We have had things like Star Trek where the doctor on board the ship was actually a hologram programmed to simulate real human interaction but this goes towards making that future possible.

Siri in fact will evolve over time as Apple will continue to work on and as soon as its out of beta they will open it up to third party apps. So imagine where you could ask it to tweet for you or check the football/soccer scores. This can go all the way to even asking it to read the directions to you for the Maps app considering that the Maps app doesn't come with a voice guidance system that maybe the next stop for Apple before it comes out of beta. The other thing is that as long as this is in beta people should be a bit more forgiving but I highly doubt that'll happen which is why this is pretty impressive how so many voices have been able to be translated into text so easily. The amazing thing will be when it starts going into other languages.

The software behind this is from a company called Nuance who actually has an app in the app store called Dragon Dictate which requires an internet connection, apparently, according to TechCrunch, the same system is employed with Siri.This means that you actually need internet connection but the curious thing is how much bandwidth this will actually use up as most people don't have an unlimited internet connection. In fact I get penalized massively for my internet connection.

"Because it uses server-side software to decipher what you're saying (likely using Nuance-licensed technology), you have to be connected to the Internet in order for Siri to work." - TechCrunch

Alas I shall leave you with 3 videos showing off Siri but stay tuned for Part 3 where I'll go beyond the present into 2012 and maybe even further, a totally hypothetical talk on the decisions Apple will make with future products and so on...

Starts at 31 seconds but consider that if Siri can understand this guy and his video on 'futures' then well, you have a pretty good chance of being able to tell Siri exactly what you want.

Stuff.TV Siri Demo