Tomrrow. Tuesday the 4th Of October 2011 will be one of the coolest days for Apple products, as if every announcement but this is a serious shift in the way people will interact. Originally Apple started with the voice control by holding the home button and with the purchase of Siri they are going a step further. Now Macrumors has done a fantastic job of working with an artist and their sources of coming up with a concept video of what the interface and what is possible. The thing is, this goes so much further then what the video entails. If I'm not wrong this would also include features from the original Siri app which allow for booking tables and so forth. It's what I assume caused the delay along side Apple's intentions to shift around the antenna system. Possibly to lessen the hype around the Antenna issue some more as I have no doubt it will be in one of the tests that Consumer Report and a lot of other reviewing outfits will give.


Original Siri:

I highly doubt also that you will end up with a phone similar to the mockups going around the web. These mockups would be closer to next years iPhone more likely as this would actually take retooling on Apple's part and further this would probably end up with a lot more leaks about this new design. The obvious break in traditional sense of Apple was between the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G where the original didn't come with 3G and the new design was in the 2nd generation rather than 3rd. However, it is more than likely that the design will remain the same and the device will be called the iPhone 4s or something similar.

Also together with the rumors the new iPhone will contain obviously the beautiful new iOS 5 but also the powerful A5 processor chip. This chip is the same one used in the iPad 2. The significant advantage to using such a chip would give the assistant app and the rest of the OS enough processing power as it would require. Further there is a high chance of a 1GB ram upgrade just to allow for a bit of room to breathe for the system given the assistant app maybe demanding. Normally this would follow the iPad and gain a 512MB upgrade which would mean that your roughly running everything at probably faster than now but nothing WOW.

The other tidbits would be the iPhone will finally recieve 64GB and I'm hoping for a bump into the 128GB for the iPod Touch which will knock off the iPod Classic. This is probably the last time you will see the iPod Classic so it maybe a good idea to get them if you have even been thinking about one. The iPod Classic has slowly become less of a priority for Apple and as seen by the iPod Nano the way forward is touch. In doing so this would mean that the iPod Classic would need to be removed with a replacement that is of 21st Century style, the iPod Touch. The other thing that is highly possible is it becomes a 'global' phone. The iPhone 4 drops to 16GB and 8GB but the iPhone 4s gains 16-64GB with the added World Phone to give it an even bigger difference. This World Phone means that it can run GSM and CDMA. For the states this is more significant than it is in the UK and much of Europe that runs GSM for the majority of the population. In China CDMA is still present as it is in many other countries. In doing so this seperates the lower end iPhone 4, current version, which will drop to where the 3GS currently stands but gains none of these functionalities. Also another difference that will potentially happen is an 8MP camera from Apple on their new iPhone 4s. The alternative for the iPhone 3Gs if it can keep up with iOS 5 it could actually go down to being free with contract for carriers which will pull more into the realm of iOS and increase their market share to be on a competiting level with Android. Given market share isn't everything but still it's worth something.

Also to note, the potential for adding battery life this revision may only be slightly but nothing substantial as the iPad. Simply due to the fact that the A5 processor, screen and assistant will be demanding as per usual.

Then again, this is all predictions based upon my part and many of those following the industry, this should be an awesome event. The painful part would obviously be the added integration of Facebook into the iPhone but that is hopefully only going to come in the form of an iPad app. Yeah, where Facebook had said before that the iPad isn't counted as mobile, it is now biting its tongue and creating one. In an attempt to go head to head with Google Plus they will also add games of their own which will be through obviously developers that have worked with Facebook in order to push their games to be mobile enough for any platform. 

These are once again, just predictions and should see the full details and some first impressions come 7pm UK time or even 10am L.A time. Until then, take all you hear with a pinch of salt.