The beautiful Leica 50 Summilux.

This is essentially the greatest 50 lens right after the Noctilux for still photography ever made. It's difficult to describe how awesome this lens is in just words as obviously images speak louder then words. 

I've placed my 35mm Summilux onto the M7 and kept it there permenantely whilst the 50mm's will be interchanged on my M9 which now has a 1.4x Leica Eyepiece on it to bring the view into a 1:1 field. Essentially having the 50mm give the same perception almost as the human eye when you keep both eyes open. It's helped a lot during focusing and even sped up my focusing abilities. Obviously still not as fast as auto focus on a normal camera but then again I enjoy using this camera so much. It's seriously rewarding when you nail a shot after having manually done everything. The only bit that I still leave auto is my shutter speed but from time to time such as during my 21st I switched to using it manually because it wasn't yielding the results I wanted. On my M7 is a similar situation which makes it closer to a POS camera in some respects because all its down to is focusing and hitting the shutter button. All because the film roll is essentially the ISO setting and that's not changable till the end of the role.  

I jumped for this lens after the Noctilux for the weight and also because of the fact that this is much less of a worry losing then the Noctilux in some of the countries I travel to. At the same time it was after carefulling continously looking at the posts over at www.SteveHuffPhoto.com

That site has been superb with its recommendations. 

It's all working out well so I shall try to post images in the near future from my Leica.