From a few trips ago, early September I went to Saudi after a wedding in Turkey (images to come for that!). I'm resting for a day before travelling again so I figured I would present the various rooms for the hotels I stayed in. Shifting from one hotel to the other purely because the Marriot (the first three images) was pretty dark though I have to say, the images do make them look pretty inviting. Alt text

The living room Alt text

The dining room Alt text

This is the room at Park Hyatt in Saudi, this hotel was far better but I soon learnt when attempting to photograph the hotel that I was actually not allowed to take ANY photos. Regardless of whether there were women in the area or not (they have issues if any of the women are in the photos, even though you can't even see them) so I just stopped instead of trying to go stealth. Had I continued and been caught, I'm sure they would've found a nice excuse to put me in a lockup for a few days. Alt text

Until next time!