The iPad was first introduced 3 years ago. Its amazing how fast time flies. So many people put it down to being just an over sized iPod touch or iPhone however, as Steve Jobs noted, the tablet came first. The fact that they went through and sold so many of the iPad devices in the first iteration, a million in just 28 days, goes to show exactly how loved this product really is. It crosses generations and it helps increase productivity. In fact the iPad has become almost apart of everyday life much like the iPhone. It's the laptop of the new age. The iPad 2 continued this idea but was rather lacking in he amazement that the first iPad gave. iPad 3 I will admit followed the same path and didn't feel as amazing as the first. However, it continued on the method of thinking simple and universal for every industry. It took what the iPad 2 so badly needed and threw it into the "new iPad".


The screen on this is the obvious feature I'm speaking about and in seriousness is worth the product alone. The screen looks even better then the one on my iPhone 4s and it does wonders for reviewing photos and just generally for typing and encouraging reading on the iPad. The screen has an extra 4 pixels for every 1 pixel the previous iterations had. It further has been adjusted to further bring out the quality of the retina display by moving the pixels onto a separate plane, essentially this maybe the reasoning behind it being slightly better quality then the iPhone even with it having less pixels per inch (PPI). All this technical jargon aside, is it seriously that good that all that explanation is required? Yes. It amazes people on first glance as there is no tablet in the world as of the writing of this review that has this level of beauty on the screen. Its like reading a back lighted page or glossy paper, it's incredible. It's so incredible I upgraded from my iPad 2 and now use the iPad as I did when I got the iPad 1. My usage had even possibly increased further. The different is significantly recognisable with text more than anything and it's to the point where I've put my eye next to the screen and the pixelation is still far from being like the iPad 2.


This isn't an advertised new feature because the battery life is still 10 hours long when just on WiFi and when mobile its 8-9hours, this includes when using LTE which is astonishing since its the only device once again that is getting these battery levels. Now the battery is actually bigger the the iPad 3, or just plain iPad. Its been estimated or rather calculated to 70%. This isn't felt though purely because of the retina display being driven by a new chip that sucks up all that juice. On the upside, the iPad 4 will be bound to have extra battery life, approx. 12 hours total most likely but also having the A6x processor. Though this iPad continues the famed "all day" battery that the iPad 1 introduced.


Now the iPhone 4S had the A5 chip which is a dual core CPU offers a major leap ahead of the previous generation chip. Now when you power on the iPad instead of having the A6 chip which will before than likely quad core it is simply an X version of the A5. This means that it's been tweaked for extra graphics performance. Obviously this is needed to burn through the retina display graphics with no problem. Compared to Nividia's Tegra 3, which bare in mind is a company famed for its graphics performance, the A5x leaves it in the dust. What's this mean for the consumer? The iPad is coming deadly close to rivalling current generation consoles! It has surpassed the PS2 and is on par with the original Xbox, it'll soon be on par with the Xbox 360 and no doubt an iteration or 2 after will be where the PS3 is. This is the amazing thing is that add in retina display and the graphics could easily touch on the PS3 level. I'm sure if there was another walk through to demonstrate the possibilities like "Citadel" which for those that didn't get the app was essentially an app with a 3D environment that allowed you to just look around but you could see the level of detail that was possible with a small device like the iPhone 4 at the time. However, when it comes to general CPU performance, the Nivida Tegra 3 still has a leg up over the A5x. Although Apple's CPUs are never given to the public with GHz as the defining factor because these chips are specially designed for iOS. They are optimised to provide the experience you'd expect and that's exactly what happens with the new iPad. The iOS experience isn't lost anymore than it was when the first iPhone came out, in fact it's been improved with these retina displays.

LTE and 4G

They're the same thing essentially but rather more so, the iPad has two different models. One is with LTE for CDMA networks such as Verizon in the states and there's the 4G model for everywhere else that has regular cell networks that don't run on CDMA.


So what is it that makes this so amazing? It's the fact that the screen is far beyond anything I've ever seen in life time and in fact in everyone's life times. Whenever I've shown an individual text n this screen it's hard to think that something so thin and versatile can have such a powerful screen that puts a something like a 46" TV to shame. The even more impressive thing is that this product is 3 years old. It took the iPhone longer than that to get a screen that even still for some reason doesn't look as good as this, though only by a small margin. The product is barely flawed and the app ecosystem surpasses that of Android.

It even surprises me that apps such as "Paper" are now finally putting into play gestures that really present what this device can do when pushed just that little bit. The two fingers, counter clockwise to undo is far better then shaking the device like a maniac. More than that, it's awesome for someone like me to see this after 3 years when I was explaining that anything is really possible gesture wise on this screen over 3 and half years ago. Circle with a single finger clockwise and a menu will come up was what I thought for a painting or photo app. There is a lot of things possible because it's a blank canvas that just requires ideas. It's now a super hi-def paint canvas. If all Apple products are headed in this direction you can only imagine what will happen with the Apple TV when it's out and they figure out how to create these displays in big sizes but at a damn low cheap cost.