So I was recently in Shanghai and then went onwards to a town or well, city, called Linyi. It's a great little place that has some beautiful places to photograph. Unfortunetly I wasn't there long enough to get some photos, however, I did get some photos never the less! Used the Canon 5D Mark 3 for these shots, all handheld HDR (really need to buy a tripod) with majority in 14mm.

The hotel lobby. As you can see it holds some resemblance to other hotels, the Venetian is the example here. It's rather grand but the hotel itself lacks a lot of ability in service. It's pretty much like having a Rolls Royce without the entire dashboard and engine, essentially the most important part of the car, missing. It's well maintained as it's pretty recently built, costing close to $30M for the construction alone, which is surprisingly cheap but that doesn't factor into it the various furniture and art that is around the place. One of the wooden sculptures inside costs over 100 grand. 

The rooms are beautiful and rather simple. Large and as grand as the lobby but nothing too much, its still pretty tasteful. 

A nice view out of the window, Shanghai Airport. Queue of plans in the right corner, sadly I never managed to get a shot of how long the queue actually was...