Recently I decided to venture towards the Jumeriah Madinat and have a look around the souk. There was a very interesting gift item, sand from Dubai. 

You can drive to the souk but if you are either staying at the hotel or have a dinner reservation you can take the boat for free towards the souk, which is a rather enjoyable ride. Guests of the hotel can get from one end of it to the other using this method which is rather enjoyable during the winter months. 

Sands of Dubai is essentially sand from the dessert, dyed and placed into a jar. With a few tools at this gentleman's hands he creates some rather beautiful designs. When you enter the souk from the water way, his stall is immediately the first thing you see. 

Using 3 basic tools he can create sunsets, oceans, camels and has even done dolphins and the like. A name is given to him which he places onto one side of the bottle and with your choice of the name in arabic (if possible) or the year on the other side of the bottle. You chose the colours you want and he mixes it into the bottle with such style and speed, it's practically muscle memory for him.

Forming the camels, he places the black sand atop the various colours which form the dessert and begins to use a long tubed funnel to shape them as he pours the sand in. 


Highly enjoyable to watch him work. If he hasn't been given a name usually he is working on a piece for the cart. 

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