This was the streets of New York City. Well, specifically it was the streets of Union Square Park to SoHo as well as the streets around Washington Park. Some images are from the area near Park Avenue. All of these images were taken on the Leica S camera. The dynamic range of this camera is certainly stunning but so is New York in terms of inspiration for the images below. I have one image in this collection that presents a contrast in society which was almost what I felt like a setup but was in fact not. Other images present more of the architecture and a sign of the differing times that we have gone through from stone, brick work to glass and steel work.


It was hot, practically the hottest day of the year so far. Thankfully there were a great deal of restaurants, cafes and hole in the walls that provide amazing food as well as some amazing dining experiences. Certainly New York is a very densely populated city not just in terms of people but also in terms of the number of eating outlets throughout the city. Whether you are in Soho or at the east village or even uptown. These varying areas all have their crowning jewels in terms of restaurants. So there is never a shortage of choices wherever you may end up. There is a great deal of transportation options to go to another area should you find nothing you fancy. Personally I was took either Uber or went about on foot around the city. To note it is always more important for men to dress appropriately in comparison to the women, in terms of women are very capable of pulling off jeans, t-shirts and sneaks versus men. As it always seems that men for restaurants and lounges were forgiven to less for their relaxed attire.


This was the only place on my trip in which I felt compelled to use my Leica S. The level of detail that the camera captured was, as I said, outstanding but it also allowed me the ability for me in post to go through and appropriately present to you what I saw through my eyes. That itself is such a great feeling seeing something that was just an ordinary snapshot, almost a throwaway and having the ability to turn it into something presentable.  I only wish I had captured maybe more images to show all of you really the height of New York as an outsider guided by its local residents.