First off this is at Wasl Vita mall. The entrance is actually from the road side, there's no way in from inside the mall. It's closer towards the Emirates NBD side of the mall. Before the coffee club. I say this because it's tucked nice and cozy, the only sign of the place is on the larger glass panel and not over the door. Right next to Soho Grill.

I went on the 4th of them being opened so it wasn't crowded. I'm told there is one in Abu Dhabi that is purely take away, the delivery here requires a minimum of 2 6 packs. The jars themselves are relatively small but given that I could only have 2, due to the sweetness, the size is fine. 

Really they aren't priced too high, service is great and friendly. The decor is very chilled and nice, I'm sure it would do well in a better location and if it served more things because it has a nice coffee shop feel with an awesome dessert. 

It was definitely worth visiting and trying out. I don't find the red velvet as heavy as the chocolate and white chocolate flavours. Hazelnut does seem kind of pointless though as it's not a strong flavour but the coconut flavour does come through thanks to coconut bits in the mix. Double chocolate with chocolate base is very rich, very. The white chocolate and cookies is nice, not as heavy and the flavour is definitely there. Red velvet and red velvet is as expected, a must try.

It's a small cafe