It's people like this and the reporters out in the field in wars that cover photos that are netural of either side but rather present an outsiders perspective that make me love photography of the streets and  documentry photography

It takes a lot of guts and it takes great skill to actually be able to handle a fully manually camera with some damn good lenses to capture this stuff, a lot get into peoples face but I prefer to stay outside and prefer people not to react to my presence, it gives more of a story about a person and their enviroment

Naturally one can do the same with a DSLR as this is a medium format its not as small as a Leica or even a Point and shoot but it is good and it gets the job done, especially when time is tight and motion is quick and manually focusing isn't exactly going to make a difference.

Given the amount of film used here is as if the guy is shooting digital, something I can do on some days and on other days I find a bit hard. I do love my M7 though but for when things are crucial my M7 to me is rather a training instrument and my M9 is my main tool. The images that come out of my M7 though when paired with Lomography film and even Kodak is just stunning, can't wait to try out my Porta 160 film, supposedly shooting at ASA 120 on the 160 will bring out even more colours, only problem is always for me, over exposing the film. Especially when I don't shoot the film and develop myself, I just shoot it and send it to the local store to be developed, I then scan and deal with it in Lightroom and Photoshop (to remove the scratches etc.)