So happy to be backing this project, It's essentially a USB key that encrypts everything on the web browser and stores it all in the key, so your websites, passwords and usernames are all inside of it! Don't forget it and you'll be able to browse ANYWHERE in the world and won't ever have to worry about being blocked or anything...

It's essentially one of the greatest devices yet as the world becomes more and more concerned with privacy and becomes more and more difficult to communicate when sites are blocked and so forth... 

It's really cheap and brilliant, check out the videos!

SurfEasy | Your Personal Web Browser Everywhere You Go from SurfEasy on Vimeo.


SurfEasy | Internet Freedom from SurfEasy on Vimeo.


SurfEasy | Leave No Trace | Secure Private Web Browsing from SurfEasy on Vimeo.


SurfEasy | Internet Privacy from SurfEasy on Vimeo.


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SurfEasy is designed to do 4 things really simply: 

1.      Protect your online freedom:  Bypass firewalls and other tools that are used to block or restrict access to your favorite sites – on any computer.  This could be accessing Facebook at work or BBC news while traveling in China. (See FAQ for details). 

2.      Protect your online privacy: Encrypt all of your web browsing and prevent anyone from monitoring what you do online.  This includes company networks, wifi-sniffers, your Internet Service Provider and others. 

3.      Use your own personal browser everywhere: SurfEasy’s password protected USB key lets you carry your own personal web browser with you in your wallet or purse.  This lets you have all of your bookmarks, usernames, passwords and other preferences with you on any computer.

4.      Leave no trace:  SurfEasy is designed to leave no personal information on any computer you use.  Plug it in to any PC or MAC and when you’re done, simply unplug it and walk away with all your personal information.  No trace is left behind on any computer.


Q: What if I lose my SurfEasy key? Will someone have all my personal information?

A: "Nope - your SurfEasy key is password protected. If you loose your key or forget to remove it from the computer, SurfEasy will automatically lock and prevent anyone from accessing your browser without the password"


 To note, Surf Easy doesn't encrypt ALL connections on your computer, it uses its own browser in order to encrypt everything which just happens to be a modified version of FireFox

Also Cnet has an Article on this - CNET - Entitled "SurfEasy: Browsing privacy for Grandma" 
The strange thing is that I don't think CNET understands that not EVERYONE is tech savvy or understands how to encrypt their browsers and so forth...
This works well for those that aren't tech savvy and want to be able to take their browser anywhere with all their passwords and sites stored on a key,