I've been dying to know how many megapixels this camera would be. Highly annoying that the site for Lytro claims you can't count on the megapixels but consider the fact that at some point I'll want to export a JPEG perhaps then I'd like to do that and know what my quality of image I will get from it. To be honest this sounds pretty close and looks pretty close to the first megapixel phones. The upside is the focus ability on this.

Well, at $400 it is about $300 overpriced. Yes, it is cool. Yes, it is a conversation starter. There will not even be many who will have one. BUT… it is $400. You can buy quite a few cool things for $400. My iPhone takes better quality images than this Lytro which is basically a 1MP camera. A bare bones 1MP camera. No B&W, no color choices, no ISO choices. Nope, its only claim to fame is the design and the “focus after the fact” technology, which is a gimmick.