As the story goes, the new iPhone is going to be taller than its predecessor, with dimensions of 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm, according to iLounge. Ihat’s 10mm (1/3 inch) taller that the iPhone 4S, and significantly thinner than the iPhone 4S by 2mm. That doesn’t sound like much, but that would be 20% thinner than the current model.

This is plausible and more than likely that the iPhone (5) will gain a 4" screen but in the longer rather than wider sense, this gives it obviously a much more distinctive look compared Android phones which are wider in nature with the 4" screen.

Contrary to reports of a teardrop shape, this report says there’s going to be a flat back, and part of it will be made of metal. Agreeing with other rumors we’ve heard, it will be made of that futuristic material known as LiquidMetal, but won’t cover the entire back. Another believable prediction confirming past reports is the new iPhone’s alleged “Gorilla Glass 2″ front, which will probably be stronger and thinner than today’s iPhones.

The liquid metal is highly unlikely, as it goes, liquid metal is something that would require more testing on Apples part before it goes into mass production so more than likely the iPhone 6 or 7 will gain liquid metal but definitely by the 8th iteration there will be liquid metal included in the structure. Currently the sim pin is where Apple has started utilizing the liquid metal. Going from the sim card pin to the back of an iPhone is a massive step. Gorilla glass 2 is a definite, bet they'll even point out that it's stronger at the introduction. The flat back seems very strange as that would just be the current iPhone with a metal back which is contrary to what the pattern traditionally is.


Images via Macrumors