The film centers around eight people who volunteered for a role in a movie on, only to be locked inside a reportedly haunted mental asylum 2 for three days and nights, with no communication from the outside world and little food to eat.

Seems fair enough.

Unlike other films that it has been compared to, such as ‘The Blair Witch Project’ or ‘Paranormal Activity’, the footage and events in ‘The Lucifer Project’ are actually real, there was no script, and the reactions of the participants are genuine, including the unfortunate assault. As a result police in Lincolnshire seized the footage and the film was put on hold, creating a lot of international media attention. The story was also widely covered in the British press.

Yes, clearly I'm going to believe the footage is real. This sounds like a great play on the media...especially considering I'm sure anyone can go sit in a mental asylum for a while and return with footage that was because the scenario is demanding of the mind to ate everything in.