I’m as concerned, in a way, with what is very clearly yet another do-over. Yes, Windows Phone 8 will retain the Windows Phone name, and yes, it will run “legacy” Windows Phone 7.x apps, those apps that were written in Silverlight or the game-centric XNA APIs. But with Silverlight and XNA both silently cancelled deep within Microsoft’s ever-reimagined corporate hulk, the move to a variation of WinRT means that Windows Phone is starting over again. That mean more work for developers who, let’s face it, haven’t really had much incentive to adopt this platform in the first place.

This is a deadly issue for windows phone as the constant changing will alienate app developers. However, the beauty of windows phone is how much simpler it is then the Android phone, this is the true evolution of the 'dumb phone' and if Microsoft can hold their ground there is a high chance that app developers will start taking notice. The iPhone take the high ends the Windows Phone takes the low end.