image from Nvidia

Aside from producing the usual benchmark orgy required for a review like this, AnandTech answers the critical question about the GTX 690: why would anyone want to buy it instead of two cards if there's no price advantage? Well, firstly, this new card produces approximately 96 percent of the performance of the dual-card setup — a major feat of engineering when you look at the history of compromises that previous dual-GPU cards have exhibited — and secondly, it's quieter and consumes less power than the two cards. So, if you actually have a $1,000 budget for your PC's graphics and don't mind that negligible performance difference, the question might turn out to be, why not?

There's got to be something said about this expensive graphics card and that is the fact that this maybe the one card to have if your editing in premiere. It will certainly be a massive boost to programs that run Cuda. For gamers I guess this card in a dual format would be a dream come true but perhaps Moore's law will come into play.