A blusterous Antipodean voice starts explaining to us how business has changed, how it's "no longer just a suit-wearing, cubicle-sitting, card-carrying kind of pursuit," but nobody bothers to clarify how RIM has changed along with that. The obligatory shot is taken at Apple with the words "you don't just think different, you do different," though again without making a connection to any of the products RIM is selling. So, in short, RIM challenges us all to become business men and women, urges us to "make things happen," and gives us absolutely no reason to choose its smartphones over any others. Guess you really do have to be bold to buy a BlackBerry.

This campaign coming from the company that challenged the iPad with a device that wasn't even fully ready and thought the iPhone was utterly unlikely to beat the blackberry. I think RIM needs to wake up and do a better job of campaigning. Perhaps drop the celebs and start making a better UI.