Your answer to the following riddle can predict whether you are a believer in religion or a disbeliever:

Q: If a baseball and bat cost $110, and the bat costs $100 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

A: If you answered $10 you are inclined to believe in religion. If you answered $5 you are inclined to disbelieve.

Why? Because, according to new research reported in tomorrow's issue of the journal Science, the $10 answer indicates that you are an intuitive thinker, and the $5 answer indicates that you solve problems analytically, rather than following your gut instinct.

Maybe I'm a total idiot but 110 - 100 is 10. The other option is that between $1 to $10 was the cost of the ball which begs the curious question as to how the answer of $5 came up. Either way I don't think this is entirely true since there are even scientists who believe in religion and people who fund science who believe in religion.