This changing-of-the-guard is partly due to Tumblr’s rise in popularity last year when its audience grew from 18.6 million to 44 million. And these aren’t all bedroom GIF makers either--everyone from pop stars like Beyonce to gray-bearded institutions like the New York Times has a Tumblr.

Now, the site is adjusting its strategy to meet the demands of increased visibility and legitimacy. For years, it operated like most tech companies, providing a platform and support but leaving the content creation to its users. But all that changed back in January when Tumblr began advertising for an in-house editorial staff tasked with creating original content and curating the best of what its users had to offer. This week, that effort came to life with the launch of an editorial blog dedicated to “stories and features in progress from this new and still secretive organization.”

Tumblr is great for inspiration but there is a bit too much immaturity. Somehow sites like Tumblr, social networks, always fall prey to immaturity when they get matured (ironic right?).