Choosing to back up his argument with passages from a dusty 65-year-old tome, Forrester CEO George Colony has written a controversial blog post provocatively titled “Apple = Sony” in which he argues that now that Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is coasting on fumes and will begin its inevitable decline within the next two to four years.

This guy was obviously smoking some heavy stuff. Let's note how Steve Jobs did leave things in capable hands as proven by the quarterly profits. Also let us note the fact that Tim Cook is doing a pretty good job at efficiency which is what he was always good at and that the design team and all are keeping things straight sailing. I'm sure when the next iPhone comes out people will claim that since Steve has gone there is now a lack of innonation but perhaps people will then back track the minute they see the Apple TV. No I haven't seen it yet but let's be real, Steve had a plan before he died to make sure that what happened back in the 90s doesn't happen AGAIN.

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